It’s All About Mitigating Risk – Technology Plans and Accreditation

Every successful organization needs a comprehensive, carefully planned, effective risk management program; one that not only focuses on risks related to finances, insurance levels, human resource practices, etc., but includes a thorough review of information and technology management risks.  This is true whether an organization is seeking accreditation or not, as there is always risk involved when talking about technology. One component to help control risk and plan for future organizational growth is the development of a formal written information … Continue reading

Accreditation in Action – Bayfront

Bayfront Youth & Family Services is dedicated to helping to better the lives of those in need. The agency provides a unique, specialized program that offers intensive treatment, therapy, and support to youth and families in need of social services. Bayfront Youth & Family Services has been and continues to be a model program statewide in California. 1. Which accreditation does your agency hold and for how long? The agency has held CARF accreditation for Behavioral Health programs for the … Continue reading

Maintenance of Accreditation

The start of the New Year is the perfect opportunity to take stock of how well accreditation is being implemented throughout your organization and to proactively prepare for re-accreditation. Accreditation Guru has a Maintenance of Accreditation Plan that is designed to help properly maintain accreditation, including a strong focus on performance and quality improvement (PQI), risk management and annual accreditation reporting requirements. My suggestion is to start the year off right and take the initiative when it comes to the maintenance … Continue reading

Accreditation in Action – Northside Psychological Services

Northside Psychological Services (NPS) provides a variety of counseling services to individuals and families and offers Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) for organizations within the Georgia community. 1. Which accreditation do you hold and for how long? NPS became a part of Council on Accreditation’s (COA) Community of Excellence in 2008.  We have remained fully accredited for the past five years. 2. What was the original reason(s) for becoming accredited? The State of Georgia requires that community service providers achieve and … Continue reading

Accreditation in Action – Omni Visions

Omni Visions, Inc. is a multi-state placement agency that provides services for both children and adults. Omni Visions’ focus is on family, providing each individual and each family a community support system to facilitate and inspire growth and development. 1. Which accreditation do you hold and for how long? Omni Visions, Inc. is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). We were initially accredited in 2008. 2. What was the original reason(s) for becoming accredited? Our agency had been strongly … Continue reading

California’s Largest Community College’s Accreditation Set to be Revoked Next Year

City College of San Francisco (CCSF) was notified a year ago by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) that it had to make significant improvements in its leadership and financial administration and show cause as to why it should not lose its accredited status. On July 3, 2013 the ACCJC announced that CCSFhad fully addressed just two of the 14 recommendations made by the commission. The commission said that the school suffers from a lack of financial … Continue reading

Quality Improvement and Benchmarking

One of the central components of national accreditation is the focus on performance and quality improvement (PQI) programs. This is the process of collecting, aggregating and analyzing data to discover trends and patterns and make improvements (or expand upon achievements) where necessary. Behavioral health and human services organizations often collect data on key performance areas and internally review them. What many often fail to do is to lift their heads out of a mountain of data to analyze trends and … Continue reading

Celebrating Accreditation! (AKA Congrats to Lee County Youth Development Center!)

There was recently cause to celebrate at Lee County Youth Development Center (LCYDC) in Opelika, AL as they were awarded reaccreditation by the Council on Accreditation (COA). This was not their first time being accredited, but I am told it was their smoothest process yet. After working hard for many months, putting new policies and procedures in place, ensuring staff was fully trained and furthering their quality improvement efforts, LCYDC once again demonstrated their commitment to providing the highest quality … Continue reading

COA National Conference 2012

Sometimes things really do seem to come full circle. That was the feeling I had last week while attending the Council on Accreditation (COA) National Conference. This conference is held once every three years and the last time, 2009, I was employed as the Director of Volunteer Services and Accreditation Commission for COA and directly involved with planning a number of conference activities. Now, three years later, I am the President of my own consulting company that helps human service … Continue reading

How to Prepare for Accreditation; Becoming nationally accredited

Two of the benefits of becoming nationally accredited are the commitment that is made to quality improvement and the documentation of critical administration, management and service delivery policies and procedures. An organization may pay thousands of dollars to an accrediting body and needs to assign personnel to the 12 – 18 month process of becoming accredited. With the required investment of time, money and resources, an organization should be well prepared even before the application is submitted. Early preparation is … Continue reading