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Part of helping organizations to Prepare for Greatness™ , is finding ways to help them get started on the path to accreditation. One way is to explore grant opportunities that may help defer the costs associated with obtaining accreditation. There are quite a few grant offerings that can be found via internet research. While you may not see grants specific to accreditation, many grants will cover some aspects of accreditation and/or fund ways to improve your service programs, such as:

New Grants:

SAMHSA: Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic Improvement and Advancement Grant

Grant applications are due by Monday, May 22nd, 2023

Behavioral Health Partnership for Early Division of Adults and Youth

Grant applications due by June 9, 2023

 OJJDP: FY 2023 Second Chance Act Addressing the Needs of Incarcerated Parents and Their Minor Children deadline is May 30, 2023

JustGrants deadline is June 12, 2023


Links to More Information:


“Developing a Competitive SAMHSA Grant Application” Manual:

SAMHSA Training Events/Videos/Reference Materials:

RHIHUB’s Tools for Success:

The Foundation Center:

Your state may offer opportunities as well:

Contact us for more information on grant ideas to offset accreditation-related costs and if you are in need of assistance in identifying applicable grants and/or writing grant application(s) for your organization.

to schedule in some time to discuss your organizations needs and how we can best help you to Prepare for Greatness!™