Board DevelopmentBoard Development

Having a well-functioning, cohesive board of directors is a crucial contributor toward your organization being able to fulfill its mission. It is essential to have board members who are engaged and able to work well together. Appropriate committees need to be in place and the agency’s mission must be at the center of the board’s decision making process. Individual board members and the group overall must be held accountable for their performance via measurable benchmarks reflective of the strategic plan.

Accreditation Guru, Inc. has the expertise to develop and guide board members to be key supporters within your organization. Our team has considerable experience helping agencies improve the functioning of their boards of directors through various aspects of board development and training, including:

  • Assessment of current board diversity and structure
  • Development of on-boarding process to ensure new members are properly oriented and educated about the board and the organization’s mission, operations and services
  • Creation of board manuals
  • Analysis of current functionality and cohesion of board members
  • Strategic planning
  • Recommendations on board size and committees best suited for an organization’s capacity, budget and service delivery
  • Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) and Risk Prevention and Management (RPM) reports for the board that comply with accreditation standards
  • Accountability and measuring success of a board of directors’ effectiveness

Your board of directors is a key element to helping your organization Prepare for Greatness!