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The national and state associations noted below are affiliate organizations whose missions complement our mission to help organizations Prepare for Greatness!™ We find great value in collaborating with our affiliates to meet members’ accreditation needs and truly appreciate their partnership and support!

The Association of Children’s Residential Centers provides a network of learning and support, and advocate for quality residential interventions for children. This national association is dedicated to being a powerful international voice for best practices and innovation in children’s residential field.

BoardSource and its global network of leaders represent a broad and diverse cross-section of the social sector. Its mission is to inspire and support excellence in nonprofit governance and board and staff leadership. 

The Business Council of Westchester in New York is Westchester County’s largest and most influential business membership organization. The BCW works hard to grow the economy, create jobs and build a strong business community in Westchester County.

The California Alliance stands apart as the champion and leading voice for organizations that advocate for children, youth and families, and for advancing policy and services on their behalf.

The Children’s Alliance improves the well-being of Kentucky’s at-risk children and families by shaping public policy and enhancing members programs.  This association advocates for improved care and treatment of Kentucky’s children by bringing together agencies providing services to children.

The Council of Family and Child Caring Agencies (COFCCA) is the principal representative for nearly all the not-for-profit organizations providing foster care, adoption, family preservation, and juvenile justice services in New York State.  COFCCA works with its members and government to ensure quality services for children and their families.

In 1988, the Foster Family-based Treatment Association (FFTA) was founded to develop, promote and support treatment foster care.  It is the only  national, nonprofit association representing treatment foster care programs across North America.  Its member programs provide treatment foster care services to more than 50,000 children and youth each year. 

The mission of the Indiana Association of Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) is to promote cooperation, communication, development and mutual support among organizations and systems providing services to children and their families in Indiana, and to advocate for the establishment and maintenance of the highest quality, most effective, and most appropriate services possible to children and their families.

The Michigan Federation for Children and Families – through its staff and member agencies – works tirelessly on behalf of children and families and the private, nonprofit agencies serving Michigan’s most vulnerable citizens. 

MACCA exists with a primary mission to speak with a unified voice to enhance the quality of life of Mississippi’s children in out-of-home care and their families through, services of advocacy, education and empowerment.

The Missouri Coalition of Children’s Agencies (MCAA) has been advocating for Missouri’s children, families and communities for over 40 years.  MCAA is committed to advancing child and family well-being, child abuse prevention, effective intervention, and high impact education, treatment and care. MCCA promotes policies and training to support its members in their efforts to provide the highest quality of care. 

Guiding The WAY!  NATSAP is the largest not-for-profit membership association dedicated to residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and wilderness therapy programs. NATSAP member programs are devoted to providing effective care to thousands of individuals experiencing a wide range of mental and behavioral difficulties.

NICWA works to support the safety, health, and spiritual strength of American Indian and Alaska Native children along the broad continuum of their lives. It supports tribes in building the capacity to prevent child abuse and neglect through positive systems change at the state, federal, and tribal levels. It provides the most comprehensive source of information on American Indian and Alaska Native child welfare. Together, its partners, board, and staff work to protect Native children and keep them connected to their family, community, and culture. 

The New Jersey Alliance for Children, Youth & Families represents private organizations that serve at-risk children and adolescents in NJ, providing advocacy, education, and a common voice on behalf of families and individuals.

The Palmetto Association for Children and Families (PAFCAF) provides education, support and leadership that strengthens the capacity of member agencies throughout South Carolina to produce positive outcomes for children and their families. 

NOSAC is a national organization made up of State Associations who represent children and children services. Its purpose and mission is to facilitate networking and to share information among its member associations. On a national level, it coordinates issues with other National Organizations and provides uncompromising leadership.

Ohio Children’s Alliance applies the collective strength of its members to sustainably improve the provision of services to children, young adults, and families in Ohio through policy advocacy, performance improvement, and member support.

The Pennsylvania Council of Children, Youth & Family Services is a statewide organization of private agencies. Its members are the service providers who provide the direct “hands-on” programs and supports needed to achieve and maintain permanency and safety for children and youth and stability for families. The safety and well-being of Pennsylvania’s children and their families have long been held as priorities by private agencies who share a deep commitment to keeping children safe, families strong, and communities involved.

Relias helps healthcare organizations, their staff, and those under their care, get better:  get better at identifying issues, get better at addressing them, get better outcomes for all.

Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services is a network of mission-driven organizations that have embraced the call to serve children and families of Texas, and are working together to improve care, services, and outcomes statewide. 

Together Georgia is a preeminent voice in Georgia’s child and welfare policy-making through Advocacy, Collaboration, Networking, and Communication.  Together Georgia empowers member organizations to maximize their impact and outreach by connecting fellow service providers and advocating for them and the families they serve.

For more information about Accreditation Guru’s affiliates, please contact us at or 212.209.0240