“Even though I had been through accreditation as a clinician for a couple different certification bodies, it was a daunting task when I decided to get JCAHO certified for Oregon Trail Recovery LLC. I talked to a couple different consultants and decided on Accreditation Guru because their price was reasonable and their work-ethic seemed unmatched. Hiring Accreditation Guru was the smartest thing I did in preparing for JCAHO!”
Ben Randolph, CEO
Oregon Trail Recovery, LLC

“The guidance and expertise Bill Wilson Center received from Accreditation Guru was exceptional!  I could call any time of the day (or night!) or send an email and their response was quick and informative.  The entire process was explained and thoroughly reviewed so that my team’s work was less stressful, more structured, and very productive.”
Lorraine Flores, LMFT
Division Director of Compliance, Evaluation and Research
Bill Wilson Center

“As the CEO of a small organization with a staff of eight, I was struggling with a challenging work load. In anticipation of our reaccreditation cycle, recognizing the tremendous effort involved and my absolute certainty that I couldn’t squeeze any additional hours into each work day, I sought Jennifer’s assistance. Despite a six-hour time difference, Jennifer was responsive and on-point with each communication. Her thorough understanding of the accreditation process and, further, her ability to parse the standards into a language more easily understood were of inestimable value to me. As a result of our partnership the accreditation process went very smoothly, culminating in our agency receiving expedited reaccreditation. In short, I couldn’t be happier!  Mahalo piha (with a thankful heart)!”
Wendy Burkholder, Executive Director
Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Hawaii

“Accreditation Guru led our organization through the process of developing a strategic plan and organizing a retreat for the Board of Directors to review and adopt the plan. During the planning process there was an unanticipated change in executive leadership of our agency, and in spite of that, they skillfully managed the development of the strategic plan with input from all levels of the organization, staff, management, board and subcontracting agencies. The resulting strategic plan was outstanding and received the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors.”
Dr. George Armstrong, Board President Family Support Services of North Florida

“CCCS-PR contracted with Accreditation Guru, Inc. to guide our efforts for becoming expeditiously accredited in a thoughtful, professional manner. Jennifer Flowers became a key part of the accreditation team comprised of staff and Board members and was instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals. She not only provided leadership and support throughout the process, Jennifer became a member of our team and a part of the CCCS-PR family.”
Eugenio Alonso, Board Vice President, Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Puerto Rico

“Our agency requested assistance from Accreditation Guru with a final desk check of our COA self-study. They were immediately available to us and provided very thorough feedback based on their considerable knowledge and understanding of COA standards. As a result of the final review, our study was enhanced and required no changes. They were very professional through this process. We would highly recommend Accreditation Guru to any agency working towards reaccreditation or initial accreditation.”
Kathy Joyner, Programs Director
Treshia Meneese, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Dennis Meehan, Regional Director
Omni Visions, Inc.

“I thought that I could handle the COA process without the help of an outside consultant, but I was so wrong! We had one week (which included a holiday weekend!) to prepare and/or revise our documents when Jennifer came on as a consultant. She reviewed documents, made suggestions and recommendations and clarified many of the issues that were still outstanding?and she did this all in 3 days! Jennifer is organized, extremely knowledgeable about the entire process, and she provides concrete and understandable recommendations. Our agency would never have made it this far this quickly without Jennifer’s assistance. In the future, I will certainly bring her on board at the beginning of the process and save hours and hours of stress for the agency and the staff! She is the best!”
Sharon Hudson, Executive Director, Family Counseling & Children’s Services

“United Methodist Children’s Home recently contracted with Jennifer to assist us in becoming accredited for the first time. Jennifer, among other things, organized the work, assisted staff as they completed narratives, trained staff, helped with Performance Quality and Improvement and organized documents for the site visit. Our self-study required no changes and our site visit went so well that our accreditation was expedited and we were notified that we were accredited within 2 1/2 weeks of the site visit. I would highly recommend Jennifer Flowers to any agency that is going through accreditation. She is experienced, organized and professional.”
Debbie Dobbins, Chief Operating Officer, United Methodist Children’s Home