Strategic Planning

“Accreditation Guru led our organization through the process of developing a strategic plan and organizing a retreat for the Board of Directors to review and adopt the plan. During the planning process there was an unanticipated change in executive leadership of our agency, and in spite of that, they skillfully managed the development of the strategic plan with input from all levels of the organization, staff, management, board and subcontracting agencies. The resulting strategic plan was outstanding and received the unanimous approval of the Board of Directors.”
Dr. George ArmstrongBoard PresidentFamily Support Services of North Florida

Developing a thoroughly analyzed and decidedly focused strategic plan is a prerequisite to achieving accreditation. Additionally, a thoughtful strategic plan provides a clear, collaboratively planned road-map for the foreseeable future of an agency. Our Accreditation Guru team of professionals has the experience, expertise and interpersonal skills necessary to assemble the right people working together to develop a visionary plan for the future, and to communicate its importance to all pertinent stakeholders relevant to the plan’s success. The process of creating a strategic plan requires an introspective analysis of what an organization is, what the organization does, and why it does it. Strategic planning requires broad-scale information gathering, an exploration of alternatives to current practices, and an emphasis on the future implications of present decisions.