Mission, Vision and Values


Accreditation Guru supports organizations to Prepare for Greatness™ so that they may better fulfill their own mission.


Our vision is to be the leader in providing stellar support throughout the national (re)accreditation process via an efficient and systematic approach and facilitate long-term strategic planning, quality improvement programs, nonprofit board of directors’ development and education, and more.


  • Applicability – We focus on the appropriate application of services for each organization’s unique needs and timeline.
  • Ethics – We strive to meet the highest ethical standards.
  • Appropriateness – We design and edit policies, procedures and plans to fit the operations of each organization we support.
  • Customer Service – We aim to consistently provide the highest level of customer service, both externally and internally.
  • Learning – We challenge each other to strive for excellence and to continually learn.
  • Innovation – We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity and change.