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Maintenance and Reaccreditation

Standards for quality care are always evolving, Accreditation Guru can help make sure your organization does too.


You’ve done the work, implemented the plans and your organization is reaping the benefits of well thought out practices. In just a few short years, staff changes, accreditation standards updates and developing client needs can significantly impact preparedness for continuing your accreditation status.

Accreditation maintenance is one of the most affordable and proactive ways you can prepare for reaccreditation. 

AG can help you stay up to date on changing accreditation standards as they occur, help you with quarterly and annual performance improvement reports, and, and keep the quality of care customized for your organization through quarterly consultations via phone/email and an accreditation calendar specific to your needs.

Maintain the value of your investment with accreditation maintenance. For more information on what we provide in accordance with each accrediting body – click on any one of the accrediting body outlines below.


With regular maintenance, reaccreditation is not nearly as much work as the process to achieve accreditation for the first time. A good way to gauge the work ahead is to take our free reaccreditation assessment. Plans are fully customized to meet an organization’s needs.

Our team has professional experience working with the following accreditation organizations, in addition to numerous other international, national, and state accrediting bodies:
• COA – Council on Accreditation
• CARF International
• The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO)
• Hague – Intercountry Adoption Accreditation

Start with our free accreditation readiness assessment or 
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