Family Volunteer Day 11/21/15

The 25th Annual Family Volunteer Day will be celebrated this November 21 as families come together to volunteer in communities all across the country. This can be an exceptional opportunity for nonprofits to invite families to volunteer Volunteerstheir time and talents and build valuable, long-term volunteer relationships during the process. Powered by and Disney Friends for Change, Family Volunteer Day promises to be a day filled with service, togetherness and purpose-filled acts of kindness that will leave a lasting impact on volunteers and recipients alike.

This is the perfect time to reach out to your supporters and followers to invite them to participate in this collective experience by signing on to volunteer at an event your nonprofit is hosting this holiday season. Whether your event takes place on November 21 or not, the impact will be worthwhile and well worth coming together for. In fact, asking for volunteer commitments that extend through the end of the year will spread the generosity and human resources throughout the season – the time of year that is often hardest to find help and perhaps when it is most needed.

Here are our tips on making the most of Family Volunteer Day (and season!):

  • When soliciting family volunteers, remember to highlight that ‘families’ take many forms, including a single parent and child, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, a variety of ages and abilities– families come in all shapes and sizes and everyone is welcome!
  • Express the benefits that volunteering as a family offers; according to generationOn, volunteering teaches values including caring and empathy and helps develop a continuing commitment to service
  • Be sure to include a variety of volunteer opportunities that include varying amounts of time – from small acts of kindness like collecting books for children your agency serves or larger community projects – making it easy for every family to contribute the time they are able
  • Add some creative volunteer opportunities to the mix – for example, if you’re hosting a holiday party for foster children have ‘jobs’ for family members of various ages – perhaps dads can serve set-up and take-down duty, moms can provide face painting, older children can read to younger children and the little ones can distribute packages or sing carols
  • At your event, be sure to personally introduce yourself and sincerely thank volunteers for their time and efforts – afterward, be sure to include them in future volunteer communications – if they know they made a difference and enjoyed doing so, chances are they will want to do it again!

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What are some of the ways you will be using your volunteers during this holiday season? Please take a moment to share with our readers!

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