What to Expect After your Accreditation Survey?

As legendary baseball player Yogi Berra once said, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” While he was undoubtedly referring to the baseball season, his words ring true for the accreditation process, as well.  During an accreditation survey, it is typical for reviewers to provide your organization with notes and recommendations for areas that need to be addressed to meet accreditation requirements.  Therefore, while the accreditation survey may be complete, your agency must now complete the post-survey process.  Listed here are key considerations as your agency moves through this next accreditation phase:

  • Once your accreditation survey is complete, your organization will receive official notification from the accrediting agency about its decision and any findings that will require additional action from you. The insufficiencies found during the initial review will determine the level of follow up required by your organization and the corresponding time you will need to make the necessary corrections. This may include the scheduling of an additional survey(s) to reassess your agency’s accreditation readiness.
  • Generally, your agency will have between 60 and 90 days to demonstrate to the accrediting body that you have answered each of the findings. This is no time to procrastinate – delaying addressing accreditation concerns in a timely manner can negatively impact the accreditation process and even be reason to deny your agency accreditation!
  • When your agency earns its accreditation, celebrate your achievement! Sharing the news with your employees and stakeholders is just the beginning. Send a news release to local media outlets and post the news via social media, sharing your accreditation achievement and that your agency’s high quality programs and services have passed a rigorous external independent review. Be sure to include the accrediting body’s seal on your organization’s website and other social media outlets and print materials for all to see.
  • Most accrediting bodies post a catalog of officially accredited organizations – be sure that your agency is accurately listed and can be found by external stakeholders.
  • Accrediting bodies often have requirements that must be fulfilled during the time between accreditation surveys. Be sure that your organization is aware of these obligations and the corresponding timelines, your agency will benefit from doing so as the reaccreditation process gets underway. Stay tuned for our future post on key activities to proactively maintaining accredited status.
  • Stay informed! Accreditation requirements may change between accreditation cycles. To be sure that your reaccreditation process is as seamless as possible, keep apprised of any changes in the accrediting body’s requirements and/or processes so that you are prepared to accommodate them as needed when your reaccreditation process gets underway.

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