Electronic Record Systems and Accreditation

Electronic record systems have become the option of choice for many providers. The single most obvious benefit, clearly, is that consumer records are maintained consistently in a clear, complete, and legible manner. When considering organizational productivity and operations, the use of an electronic record system offers several features that can greatly enhance efficiencies and will help support your operational systems:

  • Reminders surrounding due dates such as progress notes, case plan reviews, and reviews surrounding client rights
  • Monitoring of accountability in billing
  • Management of staff productivity can be improved with the data available through an electronic record system

Perhaps one of the greatest, though least considered, benefits of an electronic record system encompasses the topic of maintenance of accreditation. Accredited agencies have a multitude of standards they must meet, document and aggregate. Electronic record systems can assist with:

  • Document review in regards to quality, appropriateness, and utilization of services
  • Performance indicators and targets as determined by the agency performance quality improvement committee
  • More straightforward record review by accreditation surveyors while onsite

While the initial investments of research, expense, training and transition may seem daunting, many agencies have found the advantages far outweigh these costs.

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