Accreditation Compliance and Post-Survey Corrective Action

If your organization needs assistance with accreditation issue(s), schedule a complimentary call to discuss how Accreditation Guru can help!

There are several circumstances that can adversely impact an accreditation or licensing status decision.  From the accreditation ‘champion’ unexpectedly leaving, to the addition of a new service or program, to the number and type of findings from an on-site or virtual survey.

How we can help your organization:

Accreditation Guru’s expert consultants are available at an hourly and project rate to efficiently provide answers, suggest solutions and assist in implementing suggested changes for your organization immediately. As with all Accreditation Guru services, our objective is to efficiently guide your organization via a systematic, customized, strategic approach that is designed to significantly lessen stress on your staff members and stakeholders. Our foremost goal is to assist your organization to resolve accreditation issues in an expedited and efficient manner.

Some of the services that Accreditation Guru offers at an hourly and project rate include:

  • Assistance in recruitment, interviewing and training of “accreditation champion” or performance improvement director
  • Identification of, assistance with compliance/conformance and staff training for new/revised accreditation requirements
  • Gap analysis and implementation for compliance/conformance of a new site/program/service
  • Assistance with analysis of a sentinel/adverse event or critical incident
  • Board and Leadership challenges
  • Assistance with corrective and corrected action plans for licensing or accreditation

Our team has professional experience working with the following accreditation organizations, in addition to numerous other international, national, and state accrediting/regulatory/licensing bodies:  COA - Council on Accreditation CARF International, The Joint Commission,  IACET - International Association for Continuing Education and Training