Bringing Excitement to the Accreditation Process!

Like all things worth having, achieving accreditation takes dedicated time and focused effort. Often, this can be a daunting task and a challenge when trying to motivate and excite staff about the work ahead. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to prepare your staff to effectively support your journey to accreditation:

1. Communicate honestly, often, and highlight positivity

Traveling the road to accreditation brings many things to an organization, including changes in culture. It is paramount to ensure that all stakeholders, including board and staff members, understand why earning accreditation is key for your agency and those it serves. Communicate your expected timeframe for earning accreditation as well as how it will affect everyone at the accreditation table. Always be honest and positive! Most often, staff members see enhanced teamwork, individual role definition, improved job training, more consistent policies, a safer work environment, and overall greater operational stability, thereby lessening the need to work in crisis mode.

2. Appoint an accreditation champion

Appointing one person, or team of individuals (perhaps an accreditation communications committee) to be the accreditation point of contact for agency staff and other stakeholders can assist in making the accreditation process an enjoyable one for all. Additionally, this person (or team) can help the organization stay on time and on track toward reaching its accreditation goals. Allowing a bit of latitude can be beneficial and a bit of fun, for example, kick-off events, holding an accreditation fair to exhibit new accreditation policies and procedures to one another, trivia contests, accreditation field days, team picnics, etc. There are those people who truly enjoy accreditation, so find them and utilize them!

3. Divide and conquer

One way to keep the accreditation train rolling along at a productive pace is to delegate various tasks to individuals or small groups so that changes and improvements can happen simultaneously. Additionally, when each person is aware of his or her role in the process, the accreditation survey is likely to have its best outcome.

4. Celebrate successes and milestones

Showing appreciation to each of your staff members and stakeholders along the way, as well as celebrating after your onsite survey, is a terrific way to boost morale and keep it soaring. Be sure to outwardly recognize all the hard work and dedication required throughout the accreditation process, including the flexibility and adaptability required of staff – highlighting that achieving accreditation will be worth it!

We welcome your accreditation questions or concerns and are here to assist your agency throughout every stage of the accreditation process. Please visit Accreditation Guru for additional information. Let us help your organization to Prepare for Greatness!™

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