Find Your Next Nonprofit Board Member through LinkedIn

Most people are familiar with LinkedIn serving as a platform dedicated to helping people leverage their personal contacts for professional gain. What seems to be less known is that LinkedIn can be a great source for seeking out qualified, appropriate new nonprofit board of director members for virtually any type of agency.

Nonprofit leaders often find that looking for a nonprofit board member can be a time-consuming and often frustrating experience. Launched in 2012, LinkedIn’s service, LinkedIn Board Connect, aims to help streamline this recruitment process. Board Connect helps nonprofit leaders to leverage their own networks and their board members’ networks to find the right skilled professionals to join their boards.*

One of the benefits of Board Connect is the advanced search feature that allows you to target specific qualities while searching for your ideal candidate. For example, you can search for someone with legal experience who works in the housing industry and is located in Greater New York City. There is also a “nonprofit interests” search feature that allows you to filter by professionals who have indicated their interest in board service.

Keep in mind that there are guidelines to follow when creating your job posting such as using the words “Volunteer Board Member” at the start of your title, for example “Volunteer Board Member (Marketing Expertise)” or “Volunteer Board Member (Treasurer),” so that candidates know the nature of the opportunity. You must also include the term “LinkedIn for Good Volunteering” in the job description section of the job post to allow others to more easily find your posting on LinkedIn. Here is just one example of a board job posting.

To participate, you must be a registered U.S. nonprofit organization. With regard to cost, nonprofits are able to post board opportunities on LinkedIn for less than $50 per posting. One tip, BoardSource members can post an opportunity for free at their Board Recruitment Center.

Good luck!

* Note: Don’t forget to assess the expertise, skills and individual make-up of your current Board and determine what is needed for the future before launching into an online (or any other) search. For assistance with or questions related to a board assessment, please feel free to contact us.

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