Benefits of Maintaining a Nonprofit Blog

Nonprofit organizations have a great opportunity to start the New Year with a bang and give special attention to their social media presence. Your online presence offers a multitude of avenues with which to positively connect with your communities – especially through a well-maintained blog. Consider these blog benefits to see how your agency can flourish!

  • Blogs provide your clients and community with real-time information about your agency. Not only that, a blog will allow you to comment on breaking news in your area or around the country that will affect your agency and those you serve.
  • Blogs are a great way for supporters and potential supporters to get to know your agency. Providing a more personal format than a website, your blog can offer a unique view into the operations – and successes – of your organization.
  • Blogs can facilitate direct dialogue between your agency and donors and potential donors. Blogging offers a more personal avenue to share with others and begin establishing those critical relationships that most nonprofit agencies rely on.
  • Blogs can improve the search ranking of your website. Search engines respond well to websites that update content often or have multiple links – a regularly updated blog is a great asset!
  • Blogs can help your agency to get noticed by the press. Through effective blogging, your agency can help to create your own press coverage, as well as attracting reporters who spend a great deal of time searching the internet for newsworthy stories.
  • Blogs can be fun! This is a great place to unleash a greater level of creativity and humor that are often not befitting for agency websites. Blogging is a social experience and has the potential to build relationships on a fun, interactive platform!


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