5 Reasons Behavioral Health Providers Should Consider Accreditation

It seems the interest in national accreditation is on the rise. More and more behavioral health and human services organizations are considering taking the plunge, even when there is no state or local mandate. Why? Here are five reasons behavioral health providers should consider accreditation this year.

  • Accreditation provides an external validation of the quality of your programs and services. This can increase credibility and boost your reputation to help expand your referral base, attract individuals looking for services, and recruit and retain quality staff.
  • As health insurance coverage for mental health and addiction treatment rises and the number of individuals with health insurance expands, accreditation is increasingly being used as an indicator of quality by private health insurers, Medicaid, and managed care programs such as TRICARE. Becoming accredited can therefore help you diversify your funding streams, qualify for more contracts and receive more health insurance payment approvals.
  • Going through the accreditation process helps standardize policies and procedures across programs/services and throughout your locations. This gets your entire team on the same page. It helps build staffing efficiencies and expand best practices across your organization. The result is a consistent framework that can be easily replicated to facilitate future growth.
  • Accreditation is also an exercise in reducing your risk profile. In addition to helping your organization reduce and/or better manage difficult situations and emergencies (helping your legal team sleep better at night!), it also gives you a chance to renegotiate your liability insurance, sometimes significantly.
  • The accreditation process helps organizations review and strengthen their policies and practices through compliance with national standards of care. This includes creating processes for gathering and using data for continuous improvement of the quality of the services you provide.

What do you think? Do you have different reasons for seeking accreditation? Whatever your goal, if accreditation is on the horizon for your organization – we can help. Email info@accreditationguru.com or call us at 212.945.8504.

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