Using an “Accreditation Kick-off” Event to Get Started on the Right Foot

How can you get staff and Board of Directors members to get excited about accreditation? One of the best ways is to hold an “accreditation kick-off” event. While you should include an introduction to the accreditation process, tips on gathering materials and discuss who will be directly vs. indirectly involved, there is much more to it than that.

You should gather as many staff and Board members together as possible and outline the positives of accreditation, including:

  • individuals involved will have a hand in improving and influencing the future of the organization;
  • increased transparency is a GOOD thing;
  • accreditation team members often find opportunities to interact with people with whom they otherwise wouldn’t collaborate.

Make it fun! This is your opportunity to gain the buy-in from staff and Board members that is needed for a successful accreditation process. If you are excited about what lies ahead, they will be too. You may want to consider having food and beverage on hand to make it more of a celebration, not just another boring meeting. Many organizations provide fun items such as:

  • stress balls with a slogan on them like “I heart accreditation”….always gets a laugh!
  • accreditation t-shirts that staff can wear on Fridays
  • plastic head scratchers…”to find the answer”
  • foam baseball bats…”to knock it out of the park”
  • foam cloud that says “Believe, Achieve”

Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments section below as to other fun/motivational items that you recommend.

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