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Over 200 Clients and 100% success rate means a lot of great comments from our clients.  Below are a few that reflect our commitment to excellent customer service and providing customized solutions for clients.  

" The journey to accreditation was made achievable because of the consistent support and direction of Accreditation Guru. (Our Consultant) provided insight and perspectives that were always about making us better to provide the most exceptional services to children and youth. Thank you for a great collaboration and partnership, Accreditation Guru."
Chief Executive Officer | Bethany Home
“Pine River Institute was able to successfully navigate the accreditation process. Jennifer was always available; always able to answer questions; always came through! Her approach was down to earth with realistic answers.”
CEO | Pine River Institute
"The recommendations that Accreditation Guru staff provided were invaluable as a part of our accreditation cycle. The staff were helpful, professional, and understood how to help us feature our strengths and address our challenges. I would especially recommend Accreditation Guru to agencies that are applying for accreditation for the first time. We were well prepared for our on-site peer review and felt confident that our agency would do well. Thank you Accreditation Guru!"
VP of Quality Improvement and Accreditation | BestSelf Behavioral Health
"Our early needs assessment work with Accreditation Guru helped to lay solid groundwork for a year-long process of preparation. They were particularly helpful in working with us to identify the best accreditation body to work with based on our person-centered philosophies and focus on equitable governance practices and service delivery."
Director of Strategic Initiatives | New Avenues for Youth
“The guidance and expertise Bill Wilson Center received from Accreditation Guru was exceptional! I could call any time of the day (or night!) or send an email and their response was quick and informative.”
Division Director of Compliance | Bill Wilson Center
“AG became a key part of the accreditation team comprised of staff and Board members and was instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals. AG not only provided leadership and support throughout the process but became a part of the CCCS-PR family.”
Board Vice President | Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Puerto Rico
“I thought that I could handle the COA process without the help of an outside consultant, but I was so wrong! We engaged AG to review documents, make suggestions and recommendations and clarified many of accreditation-related issues. We were able to save hours and hours of stress for the agency and the staff! AG is the best!”
Executive Director | Family Counseling & Children's Services
“Among other things, AG organized the work, assisted staff as they completed narratives, trained staff, helped with Performance Quality and Improvement and organized documents for the site visit. Our self-study required no changes and our site visit went so well that our accreditation was expedited. I would highly recommend Accreditation Guru to any agency that is going through accreditation!”
Chief Operating Officer | United Methodist Children's Home
“AG provided very thorough feedback based on their considerable knowledge and understanding of COA standards. As a result, our study was enhanced and required no changes. We would highly recommend Accreditation Guru to any agency working towards reaccreditation or initial accreditation.”
Regional Director | Omni Visions, Inc.
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