Accreditation as a Marketing Tool

Your agency has put a tremendous amount of effort and resources into earning national accreditation – so now what? It is time to promote your accredited status and get the most from your investment by using your accreditation as a marketing tool. After all, sharing your success will only increase the value of your hard-earned accreditation.

First and foremost – the heart of your message should be: Our agency became accredited because of our commitment to providing you with the best services possible.

  1. Celebrate your accreditation within your organization and everyone who played a role in this tremendous accomplishment. To read about a uniquely creative way that Lilliput Children’s Services in Northern California took celebrating to a whole new level, click here.
  2. Host a social event that will serve as a public means of spreading the word in a celebratory way. Many agencies invite a variety of guests, including those who receive services (your clients), civic leaders, funders and regulators (especially those vested in your agency) and other prominent members within the community. Leadership from those agencies with which your organization maintains professional relationships also should be invited.
  3. Distribute a news release. Determine who you are targeting: potential clients of your services and their families, potential donors, the community? Taylor the content of the announcement to be of interest to your target audience. If your budget allows, a wire service such as PR Newswire or BusinessWire can distribute your release to specific audiences and even geographical areas.
  4. Email signature taglines – Everyone throughout the organization should add a note about your accreditation to his or her email signature file.
  5. Recorded messages – Create a pre-recorded informational message promoting your accreditation to be automatically played when callers are placed on hold.
  6. Calling all speakers! Whenever your agency has a staff person, executive leader or a board member give a public address or presentation about your services, ensure that your accreditation is proudly mentioned.
  7. Display your accreditation seal. This should be prominently displayed on your agency’s website; it also should be displayed on printed materials, including accreditation award letters sent on company letterhead, brochures (and how about a brochure designed to help promote and explain the benefits of accreditation?), articles and flyers distributed to the community.
  8. Anytime you are sharing information about your accreditation, consider including:
    • A specific example of how becoming accredited has improved your services
    • A quote from leadership about the accreditation experience overall
    • Stakeholder comments regarding your accreditation
    • Direct quotes from the accreditation report and/or outcome letter

How have you used your organization’s accredited status as a marketing tool? Please share your ideas here.

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