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Omni Visions, Inc. is a multi-state placement agency that provides services for both children and adults. Omni Visions’ focus is on family, providing each individual and each family a community support system to facilitate and inspire growth and development.

1. Which accreditation do you hold and for how long?

Omni Visions, Inc. is accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA). We were initially accredited in 2008.

2. What was the original reason(s) for becoming accredited?

Our agency had been strongly considering accreditation for several years.  In 2007, The State of Tennessee began requiring private provider agencies to become accredited. In retrospect, we are grateful for the state mandate as accreditation has had an outstanding impact on our organization.

3. How has accreditation impacted the operations or functioning of your organization?

COA accreditation has benefitted all of our stakeholders, most especially our service recipients. Becoming accredited has resulted in higher quality of care and safety for the children, families and adults we serve. We also believe that our service recipients benefit from the ongoing emphasis of respect for their rights and the commitment to determining their level of satisfaction. Staff gain from the accreditation requirement for continuous learning, great working environments and thoughtful leadership. Also, our overall organization has benefitted from the commitment to ongoing performance and quality improvement.

4. What advice would you give to an organization becoming accredited for the first time?

The initial steps toward accreditation can be very intimidating. Having the right person to develop your agency’s work plan and to review materials objectively can be very critical. Also, your agency’s point person will need to work effectively with all divisions within the organization to ensure everyone’s participation and to make sure the process is moving forward.

5. How do you motivate staff during the self-study and/or site visit phase?

Prior to our last reaccreditation, we held regular meetings with senior leadership in all of our states and regions. In turn, senior leaders took that information back to their respective areas, discussed requirements and evaluated goals. We also personally attended staff meetings in all areas and discussed accreditation standards to ensure every stakeholder was included.  In addition, we put out a fun weekly newsletter called the “COA High Alert”  in which we had guest writers from many different parts of the organization talk about the importance of accreditation and provided tips about implementing standards.

6. How did your organization celebrate becoming reaccredited?

Our CEO sent out a letter to all stakeholders congratulating them on their accomplishment.  We also held regional celebrations led by senior leadership and included “celebrating our success” in a subsequent management retreat.

7. About Omni Visions, Inc.

Our Mission Statement

Omni Visions will be the provider of choice for people and agencies needing innovative, quality family and community services which improve lives, by people taking care of people.

Our History

Omni Visions, Inc. was incorporated in March 1991 as an agency dedicated to creating a new model for service delivery that would help those children and families in need in Tennessee. The Omni model includes providing individualized, community-based wraparound support services through therapeutic foster care services to children in state custody. Omni Visions began providing services in North Carolina in 1993, Kentucky in 2006 and Georgia in 2011.

Our concept of community-based services and wraparound support services was expanded in April 1996 to include services to adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities in Tennessee. The Omni Supported Living Program provides services for individuals living in a community-based home. In 2003, family-based living services were added to our adult program to provide opportunities for clients to live in a family environment.

To find out more about Omni Visions services, contact an Omni Visions office near you. If you are interested in becoming an Omni Visions employee, see the Careers section of this website.

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