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Bayfront Youth & Family Services is dedicated to helping to better the lives of those in need. The Bayfront_LOGOwebagency provides a unique, specialized program that offers intensive treatment, therapy, and support to youth and families in need of social services. Bayfront Youth & Family Services has been and continues to be a model program statewide in California.

1. Which accreditation does your agency hold and for how long?

The agency has held CARF accreditation for Behavioral Health programs for the past 9 years. Six of those years were held as an agency called HV Group Home and the last three under the name Bayfront Youth & Family Services.

2. What was the original reason(s) for becoming accredited?

The original reason we sought accreditation was to provide a framework based on industry-wide best practices that would allow our agency to improve overall performance, quality, and effectiveness in the delivery of services. Additionally, accreditation has improved our position with regard to compliance with county contracts and requirements established by the Department of Mental Health.

3. How has accreditation impacted the operations or functioning of your organization?

Accreditation has positively impacted our operations by providing a set of specific standards that act as benchmarks for functioning in a broad range of areas such as: administration and finances, human resources, technology, strategic planning, health and safety, quality assurance, as well as multiple program-specific components. These standards have improved the quality of services rendered while reducing risks and liabilities.

4. What advice would you give to an organization becoming accredited for the first time?

Based on our experience we recommend creating a task-force or team responsible for the agency’s efforts toward accreditation, obtain the relevant CARF materials (i.e. standard manual, workbook, etc.), and approach the process in a systematic way with specific timelines and objectives. Additionally, agencies should start to prepare for accreditation several months in advance of the desired survey date.

5. How did you motivate staff during the self-study and/or site visit phase?

Our agency motivated our staff by promoting awareness of the importance that accreditation would have in our day to day operations and long-term sustainability. We took the accreditation process as a growth opportunity for our personnel and the agency as a whole, and recognized the efforts made by the accreditation team.

6. What is one way that accreditation has added value to you organization’s name recognition in the community you serve or to your outreach/public relations efforts?

Accreditation has added value to our agency’s brand and name recognition by providing the seal of approval of a third-party organization that is respected regionally and at the national level. This is particularly important for county agencies that are not familiar with the quality of our services.

7. How did your organization celebrate becoming accredited?

We celebrated our CARF accreditation by recognizing the accreditation team and all personnel involved in the provision of services at Bayfront. We recognized the efforts made by our staff throughout the accreditation process with a special CARF event at the monthly all-staff meeting involving food, beverages, and words of recognition for all Bayfront personnel.

8. About Bayfront Youth & Family Services


Bayfront Youth & Family Services is a quality provider of intensive behavioral treatment services for children and adolescents.

Through the support of our stakeholders and affiliated partners we are able to develop and implement strategies that generate invaluable benefits to our customers.

Our commitment to changing the lives of those we serve drives our collaborative efforts with the community to offer unique and comprehensive programs.

We prepare our future today by empowering and enriching the lives of not only our children and families but also our employees and the community.


The purpose of the Bayfront Youth & Family Services Residential Program is to provide an intensively structured rehabilitative environment for those adolescents aged 11 ½ to 18 years of age who have not been able to be treated in existing community care facilities within Los Angeles County, as well as other counties outside of Los Angeles.

The program serves adolescents identified by Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Children and Youth Services Bureau, as needing an intensive mental health treatment setting to help with serious emotional issues. The program is funded by AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children). In addition, the program provides a non-public school for adolescents funded by the Long Beach Unified School District.


Bayfront Youth & Family Services Wraparound Program offers 24-hour support to families. Through a strength-based, team driven process, families have an opportunity to identify their needs and build on their unique, individualized values to gain safety, stability, and permanency within their communities. Emphasizing the family´s “voice” as a source for growth and balance, the wraparound services have proven to be an effective approach that continues to gain recognition as a quality support program.

Our wraparound staff is made up of parent partners, child and family specialists, and facilitators, all of whom are available to advocate for each family member, provide unconditional support, and help do whatever it takes to address the client’s needs and ultimately achieve his or her goals. The program is designed to provide links to other programs that may be needed along with crisis intervention and management. Safety is a priority and child and family team meetings are held as often as needed to ensure that the youth and his or her family are the driving force behind the decision-making process. In 2012 our wraparound program expanded by contracting with L.A. County DMH to provide wraparound youth and families with mental health services including individual and family therapy, crisis and case management, psychiatric services, medication management, and Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS).

-Maryam Ribadu, President/CEO
“Changing Lives Is What We Do”

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