Accreditation in Action – A New Blog Series

I have had the pleasure of working in the accreditation arena throughout my entire career – although I hesitate to say how many years that has been :-)! I have worked with a multitude of state, national and international accrediting bodies, served as the Director of Volunteer Services and Accreditation Commission at COA and, since 2009, I have supported a variety of agencies across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico to become (re)accredited.

Speaking with Executive Directors and staff over the years, it is always a pleasure to hear when people truly embrace accreditation and understand the benefits that it can bring to the administration and management of an agency, most especially providing improvements in service delivery. With this in mind, I am beginning a new blog series to allow such individuals to share their experiences directly with you.  This new series, “Accreditation in Action,” is focused on highlighting the positive impact that being accredited has had on organizations and to share ideas on how to truly “live” accreditation. The next several blog posts will spotlight a variety of accredited agencies, from a multi-state leader in children and family services to a religious-based provider of services to children and youth to an award winning provider of financial consulting services and more!

I would like to give kudos to Brian Loebig, author of for his profile of me in his blog series Entrepreneurs in Action and for sparking the idea of how best to showcase accredited organizations.

I look forward to sharing creative ideas and unique organizations with you. Read on for the first post…

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