Accreditation Guru Joins Local Nonprofit Westchester Companies for Kids


Accreditation Guru has proudly joined local charity organization Westchester Companies for Kids (WC4K).

WC4K is affiliated with the Westchester Children’s Association (WCA). Founded in 1914, WCA is the leading independent voice for the youth of Westchester County. The organization promotes policies and initiatives that improve the lives of children by collecting data to develop a consensus among the public, policymakers and child services providers to help deliver what children need to succeed.

WCA sponsors coalitions that work on relevant issues, educates the public and lawmakers about the realities faced by children and advocates for sensible public investments that improve policies and programs.

“Westchester Children’s Association is excited to have the voice of the business community involved in the conversation about our young people,” said Betsy Steward, Director of Development, WCA. “As a new member of WC4K, Accreditation Guru joins a distinguished group of companies that care deeply about kids, and we look forward to having them share their insights and perspectives on the issues we address.”

At WCA’s recent 2017 Spring Gala, The Legacy of Tomorrow Starts Today!, Accreditation Guru attended and helped the organization raise more than $284,000.

“We are fortunate to work with child and family service organizations across the United States and Canada and we are very familiar with the critical missions being fulfilled by such agencies,” said Jennifer Flowers, founder and CEO of Accreditation Guru. “We want to support children and families in the local area and proudly join WC4K to help further the mission of the Westchester Children’s Association, which delivers maximum community impact and helps Westchester children to be healthy, safe and prepared for life’s challenges.”

Accreditation Guru looks forward to working to support Wc4K and to advancing its Corporate Social Responsibility efforts overall in the future.

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