A New Accreditation Perspective

Is your organization overwhelmed by the thought of going through the accreditation process? It may be time to change your accreditation perspective and learn how earning accreditation will benefit your agency and those it serves.

  • Often, national accreditation standards as set forth by national accrediting bodies have been identified as equal to, or greater than, those set by individual state levels. Increasingly, the number of states that allow human service organizations to use national accreditation standards in lieu of individual state standards is steadily increasing. Therefore, any additional onsite surveys that may have been necessary can be satisfied with the single national accreditation onsite visit.
  • National accreditation onsite surveys are typically more in-depth than those required by individual states. Peer reviewers at the national level often have a deeper understanding of what is required to earn accreditation and are more knowledgeable when answering an agency’s questions or concerns. They can share best practices they have observed during fieldwork with other organizations, point out what an agency is doing well, and offer insights for improvement in weaker areas.
  • A recent trend appears to be that many individual state authorities require accreditation for certain programs and/or services. This results in cost savings for the state that subsequently leads to improvements in the quality and safety of state-run programs. Becoming nationally accredited now is a valuable way to prepare for a pending state and/or national accreditation mandate.
  • While accreditation can be a detailed and lengthy process, especially if an agency is working toward its first accreditation, the overall benefits of earning national accreditation cannot be underestimated. Achieving the official accreditation seal of approval from a national accrediting body will not only ensure that those you serve receive the highest quality care and services, maintaining this prestigious accreditation seal will serve to market your organization as one of the best of the best in its field.

To determine whether your state has a deeming agreement or mandate on the books, legislative information can be found by visiting The Joint Commission and Council on Accreditation (COA) for behavioral healthcare and child welfare organizations, respectively.

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